About Haba

My Email address: habayefei@163.com
Wechat No: Takeshi5
WhatsApp:+86 138 8061 5705

I'm Sichuan freelance guide Haba Yefei, I have been guiding in Chengdu and other part of southwestern China (including east Tibet) since July 2007 after I graduated from Xiamen University where I studied Tourism Management, English and Japanese Languages,
I provide all kinds of tours around Chengdu to people of all ages cross the world,

1, All sorts of Panda Tours in different Panda Sanctuaries
  - Chengdu Panda Breeding Base, itĄŻs the best place to watch Giant Pandas and Red Pandas of all ages, more than 60 Giant Pandas can be viewed in this 1.06 km²Łš0.39 Sq.miŁ©facility. Strongly suggest to use an experienced and responsible guide to visit Chengdu Panda Base, because Pandas are only active for a couple of hours in the early morning during feeding time. ItĄŻs very hard for tourists to figure out the best way to see them. The baby pandas in the Moonlight Kindergarten are best of the best.
   - Dujiangyan Panda Center, itĄŻs the only place where you can do the Panda Hug and Panda Volunteer. Booking in advance is must , I can book these panda programs for you to save you a lot of effort from booking by yourselves.
   I saw some tour guides and travel agents claim they can take people to see pandas in the wild, IĄŻm 100% sure itĄŻs fake information, itĄŻs just another Panda sanctuary in the mountain with a few pandas in captivities.
2, Chengdu city sightseeing tours
   I love Chinese traditional arts and like to take people to experience the authentic Chengdu lives and culture in historical sites, local communities, special markets and gardens instead of taking tourists to the newly built popular touristy Ą°Old StreetĄ±. IĄŻm also quite interested in East Asia history and politics, and happy to share my knowledge about these topics with my clients.
3, Nature and countryside tours
   As a Taoist, I love and respect nature and always my top pleasure to show people the real nature beauty around Chengdu. I also bring foreign tourists to remote area in eastern Tibetan region where Tibet Visit Permit is not required to access, such as Jiuzhaigou National Park, Qiang Mountain Tribe, Tibetan Nomad lives and their Buddhist Monasteries on the eastern Tibetan Plateau.

You contact a freelance guide directly, I can tailor tours according to your time frame, personal interest and suitable pace with reasonable price, high quality is guaranteed by paying tour fare at the end of the tour, deposit is not required.

I have a nice driver and van to work together, other than this I donĄŻt have a team to work for me, I answer all tourist inquiries and do all guiding personally, IĄŻm very happy and proud of being a tour guide and showing my great country to people from all over the world.
DonĄŻt be hesitated to contact me whenever you want to see pandas, Chengdu and the nearby region.
Always honest information!